WJOCPRAISERADIO would like to thank everyone for coming out and supporting our 6th year anniversary. Special thanks to Pastor Rick Carraway for allowing us to use his sanctuary, Pepi Hendricks for hosting, Ms. Thea Harris  for honoring us with her praise and worship, Linda Hudson for our scripture, Pastor Ned Childress  for rendering the opening pray, April Johnson for an awesome praise dance that first sat the atmosphere, Cashyra Toney for coming all the way from North Carolina to bless us with multiple songs such as this is for the ladies, Sir Princeton & Evangelist Della with there awesome new song  war, Kimberly Mann for singing my favorite song Grace, Call for Purpose for setting the atmosphere for pastor,The Apostle Live for coming from lakeland and with my good friend Greg Shell, Faithwalknfaith for blessing us with her two awesome songs, Kamaya Dean for coming from miami and setting the atmosphere on the second part of the anniversary, Mrs. Dot Brown for bringing it back to the old school with "a change gone come",  Kathia my photographer for all these nice pictures, last by not least my Pastor Jose caquias for that awesome sermon let there be light. Also i want to thank Charolett Smit, Andressia Bell, My daughter Jamyra Williams, the hole Life changing family, and last but not lest my mother for helping cook the food and serving it as well. If I forgot anyone please forgive us. We at WJOCPRAISERADIO.NET want to thank everyone for coming out and making the 6th anniversary a success. 
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"In Loving Memory Peppi Hendricks "